Biotecha, Kaunas, Lithuania

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Biotecha - a historical project in which DELTABEAM® Green composite beams were used for the first time in Lithuania.

The factory and laboratory complex of the biotechnology company Biotecha is the first project in Lithuania for which Peikko Lietuva designed new product - DELTABEAM® Green composite beams. The total length of the beams produced is 412 meters. The length of individual beams ranges from 5 to 10 meters, and these beams have integrated REI90 fire resistance, eliminating the need for additional fire protection in the facility.

The beams were connected with two types of support connections - Anchor Bolts and PCs® corbels. DELTABEAM® Green beams allow for the installation of slim floors in the facility, where the beam with the slab is of the same thickness. In addition to the mentioned beams, PETRA® slab hangers, designed to form openings in perforated slab decks, were also produced for this project as well as fastening plates WELDA®, PCs® corbels, and anchor bolts.

DELTABEAM® Green Composite Beams, made from recycled materials, significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to standard steel, composite, or reinforced concrete beams. When comparing the production and logistics of DELTABEAM® Green Composite Beams with standard DELTABEAM® Composite Beams, the CO2 emission in the Biotecha project was reduced by as much as 26 tons!

The DELTABEAM® Green Composite Beam also has integrated fire resistance, eliminating the need for additional painting. This ensures easy installation of engineering systems and is well-suited to reduce the height of the space, influencing the reduction of heating and ventilation costs.

Peikko solutions make construction processes more efficient and sustainable, so by choosing DELTABEAM® Green Composite Beams, the customer not only receives a high-quality product that saves future maintenance costs but also contributes to the creation of a more sustainable construction sector.

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Modern corporate standards enable the construction market to offer solutions that are not only fast and rational, but also meet the requirements of sustainable buildings. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to produce sustainable DELTABEAM® Green Beams in the Biotecha development project and hope that this will encourage other investors to choose environmentally friendly products.

Rima Daukšienė, Sales Project Manager, Peikko Lietuva

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