Escape Stair Tower, Otto Deliveries, Germany

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The remarkable Otto Versand building demanded an impressive 42-meter-high escape stair tower, seamlessly integrating 9 connecting bridges and encompassed with stylish outer cladding.

To meet the highest standards of durability and safety for outdoor use, Peikko, renowned for its innovative solutions, stepped in to supply the BESISTA® Hot-dip galvanized rod systems. These robust rod systems come with a protective zinc layer on the threaded rods, ensuring exceptional resistance to environmental elements.

Custom-designed in M12 and M18 sizes, the BESISTA® Rod System was skillfully provided to our esteemed long-standing partner, Buthmann Ingenieur-Stahlbau AG. Their expertise in engineering and steel construction made them the perfect collaborator for this ambitious project.

With the seamless integration of Peikko's top-notch rod systems and Buthmann Ingenieur-Stahlbau AG's unparalleled engineering prowess, the escape stair tower stands tall as a testament to architectural excellence and utmost safety.

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