Extension of the Kiefel Packaging office building, Micheldorf, Austria

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Efficient expansion with DELTABEAM® + ATLANT®: Elevation and extension of the Kiefel Packaging office building

In Micheldorf, Austria, the office building of Kiefel Packaging were extended in such a way that ongoing operations in the existing office building could continue without disruption. In addition, this was to be implemented in the shortest possible construction time and, above all, as economically as possible.

The designers found an efficient solution for all these requirements: As a basis for the addition, a "corset" was erected over the existing multi-story office building using DELTABEAM®. The ATLANT® composite columns were placed in front of the existing facade, thus enclosing the existing building and – in combination with DELTABEAM® composite beams – adding another floor.

Precast concrete walls complement the structural system. The hollow core slabs were assembled without temporary bracing and with a level soffit using DELTABEAM® composite beams. After completion of the new exterior envelope, the existing interior façade was removed.

"This modern structural design significantly minimizes construction time by eliminating setting, underlayment and drying times, and offers the ongoing office operations the greatest possible protection from construction dust and dirt," adds architect Vierthaler.


Slimmer columns including fire protection

Peikko's ATLANT® composite column features integrated fire protection without additional measures – and guarantees maximum slenderness, high load-bearing capacity and fast assembly. Thanks to Peikko's object-specific structural design and prefabrication, the ATLANT® composite column ensures rapid construction with immediate load-bearing capacity. The steel shell prevents spalling of the protective encasing concrete when exposed to fire. Depending on the design, a VKF-certified fire resistance duration of 30 to 120 minutes can be achieved.

ATLANT® composite columns are slimmer than conventional Eurocode-based standard composite columns. So when load-bearing capacity, slenderness and fire resistance are important, ATLANT® composite column is an efficient solution option.

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