Markbygden Wind Park, Piteå, Sverige

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Peikko delivered gravity foundation technology to Markbygden Wind Park in the Piteå area, Northern Sweden. Peikko delivered its reinforcement package including rebar coupling systems and punching and shear reinforcement for the 16 foundations of the wind park’s first phase. Peikko has been also responsible for the foundation design and structural calculations. The wind park is estimated to be operational by the end of 2019.

Markbygden Wind Park is built in three phases. The wind park comprises altogether 179 wind turbines, and it will be the largest single onshore wind park in Europe with a combined capacity of 650 MW. The development plans of the Markbygden area may eventually lead up to the largest collection of wind farms in Europe, with altogether 1,101 operational wind turbines.

The developer of Markbygden Wind Park is SVEVIND AB. NCC Sverige AB is the main contractor of the civil work and infrastructure, and will also perform the installation work of the foundations. General Electric will deliver the wind turbines GE 3.6-137 with hub heights of 131.40 meters.

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Markbygden Wind Park is SVEVIND AB
NCC Sverige AB
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General Electric
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