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Peikko’s Deltabeams proved an ideal, space-saving solution in the construction of car park in the United Kingdom.

John Metcalfe, Managing Director at Peikko UK Ltd, says the use of Deltabeams solved a height problem which appeared in the construction of Assay Office car park in Sheffield. In the UK, there are height restrictions for new buildings in congested city centers. Planning authorities are often concerned another tall building would block light to existing windows.

The Rockingham Street car park has five suspended floors which consist of 400mm hollow-core slabs with 100mm structural topping supported by Peikko Deltabeams and in-situ concrete columns. Peikko’s contract with CIDON Construction included 1,400 meters of Deltabeams (D40-500, D40-400, D45-600 & D20-400) and Peikko’s Hidden Corbels (PCs5, PCs7 & PCs10). The Deltabeams for the project were manufactured at Peikko’s factory in Kralova nad Vahom, Slovakia, and the other components at Peikko’s factory in Lahti, Finland.

Miikka Toivola, Product Manager at Peikko Group, said Peikko’s Deltabeams provide an economical solution in spaces like car parks where slim floors and long spans are needed. “Deltabeams are safe choice for the user of the building also thanks to their integrated fire proofing. Once beams are cast, the fire proofing cannot be removed.”Deltabeam offers multiple benefits in the construction of car parks.

Metcalfe notes other suppliers in the UK market tend to offer either a deep precast or steel downstand beam supporting a precast floor (typically 800–1000mm deep overall). But with Peikko's Deltabeam, it is possible to make the floor only 475mm deep and avoid downstand beams completely. “Savings in cladding, services and foundation can save 2–5 percent on overall build costs,” he said.Deltabeam also enables the easy and fast frame structure and easy fixing of electrical and other infrastructure works. It offers good visibility in large, open spaces, and has fire resistance without the need for intumescent treatment.

The project advanced smoothly and deliveries arrived to the building site on time. Metcalfe thanks all parties for their active involvement in the early design phase. "Early planning made the process smooth and easy to manage. We always optimize the use of materials to make the project as efficient, sustainable and cost-effective as possible. These are excellent ways to ensure our customers are satisfied and wish to use Peikko and Deltabeam on future projects," he concluded.

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CIDON (Barnsley)
BJB Consultants (Wakefield)

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