SwissTech Convention Center, Campus EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

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The SwissTech Convention Center is placed at the center of the campus. Its design is innovative, having imagined the convention center as a modular structure – an organism capable of adapting to any group and event.

The SwissTech Convention Center stands out from other major convention centers thanks to the flexible number of conference rooms and capacity. The building’s architecture allows two or three auditoriums to merge into one; the number of seats in each space can also be varied in just a matter of minutes. This modularity is based on two mechanisms: a system of sliding walls, and the Gala Venue technology.

SwissTech Convention Center incorporates renewable energies in the most efficient way possible: water from Lake Geneva and geothermal pillars supporting the structure of the building are used for heating and cooling; and Grätzel photovoltaic panels on the western facade of the building simultaneously produce electricity and prevent the inside of the center from overheating.

Peikko provided the site with punching reinforcement & rebend connectors solution.

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