Tiedonpuisto School, Raisio, Finland

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The Tiedonpuisto School will be built in an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and resilient way to withstand the moisture stresses caused by changing climates.

The Tiedonpuisto School is approximately 11,000 square meters in size, with a concrete frame and mostly brick-clad school building, utilizing the more environmentally friendly Peikko DELTABEAM® Green Composite Beams. Peikko's delivery also included composite columns and PETRA® Slab Hangers.

Upon completion, the building will serve as a comprehensive school for grades 5 to 9, replacing the current Vaisaari School. Construction of the school began in the summer of 2023, with the aim of being operational by January 2026.

The main architectural design is provided by Lukkaroinen Architects Ltd. A-insinöörit Rakennuttaminen Oy serves as the construction consultant for the project, with Rakennustoimisto Laamo Oy as the project management contractor.

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"Peikko adeptly considered the interaction between steel and concrete elements in the design and provided a competitive offer. Deliveries arrived promptly at the construction site, enabling the framework to be erected according to schedule. Furthermore, the design and implementation of additional details to Peikko's frame elements during delivery were flexible and cost-effective."

Arto Laamanen, Rakennustoimisto Laamo Oy

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11,000 m2
Rakennustoimisto Laamo Oy
Sweco Finland Oy
Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit Oy