Vordingborg Town Hall, Vordingborg, Denmark

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Besides being a flexible and attractive workplace, Vordingborg's new town hall - Borgernes Hus - will also be a sustainable building which can be used by citizens and associations.

The building will be an addition to the existing citizen service and job center and will be constructed as 3 blocks which form an atrium. The building will be constructed in 4 floors with a roof terrace, solar panels on the roof and with a partial basement. The ground floor is designed as a public area with meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and individual meeting rooms. The roof terrace is also publicly accessible. The rest of the building is not for the public and will be the office for the municipality's employees with 220 window-facing workplaces. Bathrooms, storage rooms and technical rooms are placed in the basement.

The project is erected by GVL Entreprise A/S with MOE A/S as consulting engineer, and PLH Arkitekter is responsible for the design.

DELTABEAM® Frame was chosen in order to achieve slim columns and beams with a low installation height and thereby maximizing the floor area. The low installation height made HVAC installation easier. Towards the atrium and at the shafts, DELTABEAM® Composite Beams with integrated formwork were used, to minimize the work on the site. Detailing and coordination were significantly reduced for the main designer, as Peikko designed beams and columns – including joints.

In particularly critical places in terms of space, PCs® Consoles were used as compensation for DELTABEAM®.

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5775 m2
GVL Entreprise A/S
PLH Arkitekter A/S

Kasper Nielsen

Kasper Nielsen



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