Arenakvarterets School, Copenhagen S, Denmark

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Arenakvarterets School is a new, 4-track school with a sports centre, food school, leisure program, and swimming pool. The school has a floor area of ​​approx. 14,000 m², a swimming pool of 3,500 m² and an outdoor area of ​​approx. 6,000 m².

The building will be built in Orestad Syd on a 8,500 m² plot east of the Royal Arena. In Orestaden, the new school will add several new facilities to the district, which will help strengthening the local area.

The school will create a framework for play and learning and new opportunities for activity also outside normal school hours. Emphasis has been placed on the building living up to a vision of creating a common, municipal building where both students, families with children, leisure users, and the citizens in general can benefit from the facilities for large parts of the day.

The school will form the framework for a new educational vision. There are a number of exciting application possibilities with e.g., surfaces on the roof which can be used for outdoor teaching and classrooms, these are gathered in a workshop tower.

The building will be DGNB Gold certified and will be completed in 2023.

The companies behind the project are, among others, BAM Danmark, Rubow Arkitekter and Rambøll.

DELTABEAM® Slim floor structure were chosen for the building, as it provides a low installation height. In the building there several different floor levels, which are solved with downstands welded on the DELTABEAM®. In the façade, the DELTABEAM® Composite Beams are produced with welded on formwork, which saves the construction site a lot of manual labor. Railing holders are welded to the formwork, so safety can be established easily and quickly.

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17500 m2
Københavns Kommune
BAM Danmark
Rambøll Danmark A/S
RUBOW Arkitekter